Here's what our customers are saying about the SHADOE® TRACK system:

I just finished building a deck on my house with the Hidden Link clips and the result is fantastic. The installation video explains perfectly how to install the clips and they're quite easy to work with. I've worked with the brackets that you install from beneath in the past and this is much easier on the body to install. I would recommend this product to anyone building a deck for a nice clean look with no screw holes.

- Tim, Winnipeg MB

Wow! Just finished installing a deck with the new Mantis RCS pneumatic gun. Never had the chance to use something so efficient and accurate.

- Doug, Minnesota USA

The Mantis RCS installation gun is something so revolutionary I couldn't believe it. As a contractor it cut down installation time by a huge amount. For contractors I highly recommend this pneumatic gun. It not only increases accuracy but it saves time and money.

- Mike [Contractor], Ontario Canada

I had the opportunity to use the Mantics RCS pneumatic installation gun on few decks now. This is the most efficient tool I have ever used. It allows my team and I the chance to decrease installation time, decrease costs and increase productivity. This is an essential tool for any contractor.

- Gerard, Alberta Canada

The deck looks really good and the clients are very happy about it.

- Stephan [Contractor], Whitehorse Yukon Territories

I have never installed a deck with so much ease. It was a simple and efficient instatllation process, not to mention the final product was picture perfect. We'll be enjoying it for years to come.

- Jack, Pheonix Arizona

Our family just sat down on our new deck installed with the Mantis Clips and composite boards. It turned out incredibly and it looks like a contractor did it. There will be a few envious neighbours.

- Terry, Georgetown Ontario

We recently installed a split-level deck at our Northern Ontario cottage with the Mantis clip installation system. When you look at the old deck we ripped out and the new one, it's like night and day. The clips make the deck look cleaner and more professional, but most importantly, it's all about durability. We get a lot of rain and snow up here. We needed something we could rely on. Thank you for this incredible product.

- Brad, Toronto Ontario

I have never been so happy with a product before. This is a remarkable thing for do-it-yourselfers and contractors. Our new deck is flawless, sturdy and will be in our family for a lot longer than what we had. Simple installation as well. I won't hesitate to tell others about the Mantis hidden deck clip.

- Jacob, North Carolina USA

Awesome products! Didn't have any problem installing our own deck (not experts). Looks incredible and with the hidden clips it looks perfect. I know understand the difference between this and the traditional way.

- Derek, California USA

I was a bit fearful in installing my own deck. However, the Mantis was recommended to me by a few people. Gave it a try and could not be happier with the installation process. Easy, quick and extremely accurate. Not to mention, save a lot of money by doing it yourself.

- Rick, Arizona USA

We now have a contractor-like deck installed in our backyard. We did a 2-split that wrapped around our house. Big project but with the Mantis we cut down installation time by about a week. Talk about efficient.

- Tim, Michigan USA

I have never seen something installed so quickly. I have built a few decks in my day but nothing like I witnessed with your products. It's a time saver.

- Bill, Rhode Island USA

After using the SHADOE® TRACK, I would recommend it. It makes a very neat installation with no exposed nails or screws on the deck surface.

- Charles, Concord NS Canada

This is the best way to build a deck. Being able to fasten from below makes for a better looking deck. The SHADOE® TRACK is well made and easy to use.

- David, Raleigh NC USA

Finished deck looks great as no screws show. It feels solid!!

- Donald, Shelburne VT USA

The SHADOE® TRACK system works very well to hold down deck planks.

- Jim, Pahrump NV USA

The SHADOE® TRACK system is simple and easy to use - can be installed by most people using it for the first time.

- Michael, Reno NV USA

Overall the SHADOE® TRACK is an excellent value and offers an easy and affordable way to fasten boards on your deck.

- Paul, Gilbert SC USA

SHADOE® TRACK probably the best built system to use. Very easy to install and the finished deck looks great.

- Ronald, Edmonton AB Canada

Very well built. It will last a long time. Very nice product.

- Stuart, Flagstaff AZ USA

No hammer dents on wood - no popped nails - leaves a nice smooth surface.

- William, Escondido CA USA